Estate Planning in Belfast, NI

Estate Planning will protect your assets and safeguard the future of your loved ones, minimise your tax burden, designate guardians for minor children, avoid probate court involvement and plan for incapacity.

Preserve your wealth for future generations

When you work with The Right Protection 4U, our Estate Planning Professionals in Belfast will look carefully at your individual circumstances and make a personal assessment of your situation. We'll then provide you with specific Estate Planning advice to make sure your assets are passed to your loved ones in the most effective way possible.

Estate planning ensures that your heirs avoid being passed any debt or taxes that could be passed on which means they're not left fighting over how the inheritance is divided. Estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated and even putting a basic Will in place can mitigate the majority of these factors. If your circumstances are more complicated, protective trusts can be established to reduce inheritance tax payable and protect your assets from risks such as bankruptcy, divorce and potential care costs which may be payable in the future.

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